OXLEY COLLEGE TENNIS - Pupil Enrolments for 2020

Enrolments for tennis lessons for both Primary and Senior school students (Oxley College pupils only) can be made online for each Term of 2020. Bookings are for 8 weeks per term and should be re-booked online at the end of each term. 

Simply click the Enroll button, select the lesson from the dropdown list, complete the details, process the payment and your child will be registered for tennis lessons.

Lesson Prices:

  • 30 minute private lesson is $38 per lesson for 8 weeks/term - $304
  • 30 minute group lessons - maximum of 4 pupils - $10 per lesson - $80 per 8 week term

Lesson offerings for 2020 are as follows
If there is demand, we will do our best to put on more lessons.

Description - Oxley Tennis Lessons


Private (A) - Monday 8am 

Group (A) - Monday 8am - max 4 pupils 


Private (A) - Tuesday 8am 

Group (A) - Tuesday 8am - max 4 pupils  


Private (A) - Wednesday 8am

Group (A) - Wednesday 8am - max 4 pupils 

Group (B) - Wednesday 8am - max 4 pupils 


Private (A) - Friday 8am 

Private (B) - Friday 8am 

Group (A) - Friday 8am  



Not on offer at the moment